Partnering with Griffin Hotel Management provides a sound piece of mind and confidence that comes from knowing there is an experienced management team working diligently on your behalf every single day. With a thorough knowledge of each brand’s operational and quality standards coupled with managing hotel assets through all economic business cycles, we understand that hands-on focus, ongoing commitment to flexibility, and responsiveness lead to a consistent track record of success.

At Griffin Hotel Management, our custom-tailored approach to each investment requires our team to focus on each individual hotel and its market as opposed to a “one size” fits all approach. Our wide range of services in support of this approach include such areas as operations support, accounting & reporting, and sales & marketing. In addition, Griffin provides support for acquisitions including underwriting, property inspections, and transitional services.

Our Tailored Services

Operations Support

Driving operational excellence through brand relationships, effective staffing, expense controls, purchasing, sales & marketing and guest satisfaction.

Griffin delivers a proven track record of success, exceeding not only brand and investor expectations, but industry benchmarks. With a direct focus on fundamentals, our operational support and hotel teams are hands-on, with a focus on maximizing profitability, driving top line revenues, and enhancing the guest experience all while reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.

  • Enhanced revenue planning forecast tool deployed to maximize profitability, managing labor and controlling operational expenses.
  • Comprehensive annual operating plans (budgeting / forecasting, action planning, marketing strategies).
  • Guest experiences focused on service & quality.
  • Asset preservation and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Capital planning and implementation.
  • Operational bench and task force support.
  • Onboarding and continued education for team members and property leaders.
  • Franchise relations.

Sales & Marketing

A direct proactive sales culture focusing on identifying market demand generators, shifting share of targeted accounts, and leveraging relationships with established accounts to maximize topline revenue performance. 

Our well trained and best-in-class sales teams are focused on achieving revenue expectations by aggressively focusing on winning the business and outperforming the competitive market. Griffin’s sales organization is equipped with industry leading tools and superior support to achieve these expectations.

  • Proactive direct focused sales efforts individually tailored to each property.
  • Extensive onboarding and proprietary sales training platform that includes standard operating procedures, prospecting, site visits, and negotiating skills.
  • Enhanced strategy development and “best practices” focused on winning business and successfully share-shifting revenue opportunities.
  • Coordination and deployment of top accounts including direct sales calls and property specific relationships with decision makers.
  • Deployment of Segment based strategic and tactical action plans.
  • Existing account saturation and relationship building to identify additional opportunities including groups and meetings solicitations.
  • Capitalize on internal lead generation channels to uncover, identify and share-shift revenue opportunities.

Digital & eCommerce

Focused on diversifying and expanding our revenue streams from “traditional revenue opportunities” our Digital and eCommerce team spearhead hotel-specific strategies, deploy strategic and tactical plans, develop and enhance each hotel’s online market presence while leveraging channel distribution and analytics.

Our digital and eCommerce team is passionate about elevating the guest experience while bringing creativity, innovation, analytical thinking, and plenty of hustle to successfully reach the revenue goals of each hotel.

  • Targeted campaign planning for “need-times” including launching and ongoing optimization, performance management, and ROI reporting.
  • Management and analyzation of retargeting efforts resulting in reservation conversions.
  • Execution of paid search campaigns, maximizing overall search returns and website bookings.
  • Hotel website and ongoing brand maintenance.
  • Constant revisions and enhancements of metasearch and website link-building.
  • Management of digital ad spend in competitive channels.
  • Reputation management.
  • Print and digital collateral content.
  • Hotel specific social media strategy.

Revenue Optimization

Our highly proficient optimization team provides synergies between sales, revenue generation and our digital and eCommerce teams to ensure that each property is maximizing top line revenue. Griffin’s revenue optimization team is dedicated to the strategy of selling the right product, to the right customer, at the right time and for the right price.

The revenue optimization team at Griffin Hotel Management has maintained a strong competitive advantage in revenue management because our team of professionals continue to become innovators in strategy and optimization constantly calibrating settings and leveraging integrated business applications to ensure revenue is maximized. Griffin continues to evolve in the revenue optimization space and over the past several years have moved our focus from rooms revenue to “Total Hotel” profitability by maximizing revenues and profits on all transient, group and function space business.

  • Certified in all major brand revenue management systems.
  • Daily strategy review, recapping 90 days of analytics, performance pace and forecast, high demand dates, and marketing positioning compared to the competitive set.
  • Dedicated regional revenue leader and analyst support team.
  • Weekly deep-dive strategy review call with hotel leadership team.
  • Daily yield management including inventory management, rate optimization, and distribution and channel management.
  • Hotel and market competitor review of transient and group demand.
  • Destination Package creation and management.
  • Group and Transient displacement analysis.

Talent Resources

With an open-door policy as a corner stone practice, Griffin is focused on team member recruitment and retention while optimizing productivity through best-in-class onboarding, training, and performance measurement.

Griffin Hotel Management is truly a transparent workplace and is a firm believer in the empowerment of our team members. Our organization takes great pride in our workplace culture through shared values, beliefs, and interactions with each other. At Griffin we believe positive workplace culture attracts top talent, drives team member engagement, impacts happiness, and positively affects performance. 

  • Talent recruitment and retention.
  • Market analysis and competitive pay practices.
  • Team member career progression and advancement opportunities for maintaining low turnover.
  • Insurance claim management.
  • Payroll & benefits administration.
  • Policy formulation include team member handbook.
  • Legal compliance for evolving federal, state and local laws.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

We are dedicated to delivering accurate and timely financial reporting, risk management services, cash controls and analytics to ensure optimal financial performance.

The proof of performance is always in the numbers and at Griffin Hotel Management our accounting team provides centralized accounting services and financial solutions specific for the lodging industry. Griffin is committed to provide a seamless process with the highest profitability for each investment group. Our streamlined reporting tools provide an accurate snapshot of the performance of each hotel on a day to day basis.

  • Turnkey uniform system of accounts for the lodging industry.
  • Daily income verification, general ledger, cash & credit card processing and cashier reporting.
  • Financial Reporting including Profit & Loss Statements, Tax Reporting and Filing, Cash Flow Analysis, and Balance Sheets.
  • Cash management and bank reconciliations.
  • Property budgets and forecast management.
  • Accounts payable check processing.
  • In-house payroll manager including the processing of bi-weekly payroll, tax reporting and check delivery.
  • Local and state sales tax filings.

Acquisitions and Transitions

Each hotel conducts hundreds of transactions each day, from checking-in and checking-out guests, hosting numerous meetings and events to delivering complex food and beverage operations, it is essential that the change in management is seamless and not impactful to guests. At Griffin Hotel Management our team is committed to a smooth transition through quality planning and flawless execution

Performance Indicators & Measurement of Success

Each hotel property is unique, and no two markets are alike.  Results focused, Griffin Hotel Management establishes Key Performance Indicators or “KPIs” for each hotel as benchmarks to monitor, enhance and drive performance of each asset. At Griffin, KPIs are an essential part of our team’s performance and what continues to set us apart from other hotel operators. Our KPIs are custom tailored to each hotel ensuring that they are measurable and optimized for success, a thorough strategy is communicated, and ongoing evaluations of performance are discussed. Griffin’s five step implementation and evaluation process of KPIs guarantees that the hotel’s overarching goals are top of mind for all team members.